Monday, June 13, 2011

Je vais en France!

I am very excited to be going to France in a 
few weeks! I will be doing a few blog posts
leading up to the trip about the various
areas we will be. I am going with my sister and 
her boyfriend, who is French. We will be spending
part of the time with him and his family, but then 
my sister and I will be going off on our own.
It will be an adventure for both of us, but I am 
excited to see where it takes us! 

We will be flying directly to Paris from Seattle, 
so thats our first stop...

Arnaud (the boyfriend) will show us
around Paris. Hopefully we will see all the 
normal touristy spots, but I am looking 
forward to him showing us some things
off the beaten path as well. 

I am a little scared by the amount of
food and drinks that will be consumed, but
we at AGC are calling it "research".
My gluten free diet will be put on hold
for the delicacies of les boulangeries.

I also hope we get to go to Laduree and
see all the beautiful and colorful macarons.

Let's not forget about the wine, champagne, and cognac!

First image from here
Second image from here


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    great pictures.
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  2. Thank you! I will definitely come check out your blog!