Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back from France!

I am back from France and enjoying the 
rest of summer before the school year begins. 
We had an amazing trip and saw many 
beautiful places and things. 

A few of my photos...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Je vais en France.. Part 3

This is my last France post, about the last
leg of our trip. We are leaving tomorrow
and I haven't even started packing yet! After Gente,
we will be going to Bordeaux for one night. We will
look around the city, maybe do some wine tastings, but
we will be back for two more nights at the end
of our trip so we'll save most of our sightseeing
for then.


Bordeaux at night

Bordeaux vineyards 

Next we will move on to the Dordogne region,
we will stay in Perigueux and do day trips
from there. 

Dordogne valley


We will be driving to Sarlat to go to the big
market there. We plan to buy some fresh
cheese, bread, and fruit for our picnic later in
the day. After we get the supplies we're going
on a kayak trip down the river. While on the
river we can pull over at anytime and explore all
the little towns along the way. While still
in Sarlat we are also going to visit a foie gras farm.
(This might be a little disturbing, but I love
foie gras)

Sarlat market

Sarlat market

On another day we are going to venture out 
of the Dordogne area and drive to Toulouse.


Aimee and I will be in Perigueux on Bastille Day,
which is July 14th. There will be fireworks, 
parades, and lots of celebrating. We will 
be joining right in, drinking wine and watching
all the festivities!

At the end of our trip we are going 
back to Bordeaux for a couple of nights, then
we fly out of there back to Paris and home
to Seattle! Au revoir mes amis!